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Who Invented The Telescope? When Was The Telescope Invented?


Hans Lippershey was the first person in history to apply for a patent for a telescope. Hans Lippershey was able to see distant objects up close with his glass telescope. Space exploration was developed with the telescope, which is a very important invention for humanity. Hans Lippershey was also an eyewear manufacturer in the Netherlands. The telescope, which was used in the production of eyeglass lenses, later enabled humanity to know space better. Later, Lyman and Zacharias also developed the telescope and managed to produce it in different prototypes. For this reason, the 3 inventors are considered to be the inventors of the telescope.

When and how was the telescope first invented?

invention of the telescope
invention of the telescope

The telescope was first invented by Hans Lipeprshey in 1608. The first prototype telescope produced at the time by Hans Lippershey was later developed by other inventors. Lyman Spitzer and Zacharias Janssen developed the telescope and succeeded in producing it in different prototypes. Famous astronomer Galileo is among the scientists who contributed to the development of the telescope. Galileo made new discoveries with a telescope, made observations by following Jupiter. In 1721, English inventor Lyman Spitzer invented a mirroring telescope. Mirroring telescopes received more attention and were widely used than Hans’s telescope.

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