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Which Fruit Has Which Vitamin?

The human body needs vitamins. We meet some of this vitamin need from fruits and vegetables. So what are the nutritional values of fruits? Which fruit contains which vitamin? Any vitamin deficiency is harmful to the body. However, each

Top 4: Fastest cars in the world

The continuous development of technology affects cars first and foremost. In 2017, the SSC Tuatara broke the record in Nevada and became the fastest car in the world. In the two-way test, it took the first place with an average speed of

Which Fish Are Eaten in Which Season?

Fishing season is open. Fish, which is as delicious as it is nutritious, started to attract attention with the cooling of the waters. Fish lovers know that fish can be consumed in all seasons. However, the taste, fat content and

List of 13 computer brands and manufacturers

It is very difficult to imagine a world without computers in the modern age. These devices, which raise children and handle all our important work, have now become indispensable for our lives. But have you ever thought about which

Which country speaks which language? 65+ country

There are many countries in our world and many languages are spoken accordingly. Although many countries have their own languages, some countries also use the languages of other countries for various reasons. (Colonial, assimilation, etc.)

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