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Which planet has the shortest day?

Which planet has the shortest day

A day in our world lasts 24 hours. How many hours does a day last on planets? Which planet has the shortest day?

Which planet has the shortest day?


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System.

While a Jupiter day is about 10 hours, 1 Jupiter year equals about 12 Earth years. The planet with the shortest day in the Solar System is Jupiter.

Jupiter is a gas giant and therefore has no solid surface. So it’s not an ideal planet for a picnic.

There may be diamonds in Jupiter’s atmosphere. There are opinions that there are even deeper diamond rains. So it’s a planet that jewelers will love.

Jupiter has more than 60 natural moons.

The largest oceans are found on Jupiter. But oceans made of liquid hydrogen, not water.

Although Jupiter lacks the properties to support life as we know it, it is thought to have oceans beneath its ice-covered surface.

In Jupiter’s atmosphere, there is a huge, violent storm (Great Red Spot), larger than Earth, that has been going on for centuries. It seems that the size of this storm is getting smaller and smaller.

Jupiter also has rings. 3 pieces. But not as evident as on Saturn.

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