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Which languages are spoken in Belgium?

Which languages are spoken in Belgium?

Languages spoken in Belgium are divided into three according to the Dutch, French and German-speaking regions. Apart from these languages, there are few other languages used by the minority. Dutch, French and German are the official languages.

Languages are spoken in Belgium



According to some statistical data, 59% of Belgium speaks Dutch and this part is gathered in the Flemish region in the north of the country. Dutch speakers are around 6.5 million.


French Language
French Language

The proportion of French speakers reaches about 40%. The number of speakers of this language is around 3.5 million.

French is spoken in the central part of Belgium.


German Language
German Language

The number of people speaking German is around 75 thousand. While 10 thousand of this rate is citizens of German origin, 65 thousand of them are Belgian citizens.

The third official language in Belgium is German, with about roughly 1% of the population speaking it. German speakers come from an area known as “Liege”, which is directly on the border with Germany

Other languages spoken in Belgium


Although English is not one of Belgium’s official languages, it is among the most spoken languages in Belgium. Almost half of the people residing in Belgium, which has a multicultural structure, came from different countries.

The English language is the third most spoken language across the country.


Lüksemburg çok küçük bir ülke olmasına rağmen, Belçika’yı dil açısından etkileyebilmiştir.

Approximately 0.5% of the Belgian population speaks Luxembourgish, and this language, which is a combination of French and German, is considered a separate language.


Walloon is actually a dialect of French and is spoken in French-speaking areas. It is a language spoken in the Walloon region in the central part of Belgium. The number of people speaking the language spoken, especially by the older generation, is gradually decreasing.


Yiddish is spoken in Belgium by as many as 30,000 people. Spoken among Jewish communities in Antwerp and Brussels

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