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Which Fish Are Eaten in Which Season?


Fishing season is open. Fish, which is as delicious as it is nutritious, started to attract attention with the cooling of the waters.

Fish lovers know that fish can be consumed in all seasons. However, the taste, fat content and nutritional value of the fish vary according to the season.

Fish, which is very rich in omega 3, is a complete protein and mineral store. Just as we say that vegetables and fruits should be consumed in season, they should be consumed in the same way as fish should be consumed in season.

What fish are eaten in autumn? What fish can we eat in winter? What fish can be eaten in the summer season? What fish should we eat in the spring?

For those who are looking for an answer to the question of which fish are eaten in which seasoni we have prepared a list starting from the current October.
When is the best fish eaten? What is the best fish in October and what is the best fish in November?

WhIch FIsh Are Eaten In WhIch Season 2
WhIch FIsh Are Eaten In WhIch Season 2

Which fish should be consumed in which season?

  • October: Bluefish, mullet, tabby, bonito, sardine
  • November: Anchovy, mackerel, toric
  • December: Tabby, mackerel, bonito, sardine
  • January: Mullet, anchovy, bluefish, bonito, mackerel, toric
  • February: Turbot, haddock, toric, silverfish, mullet, tabby, anchovy, butt
  • March: Turbot, sea bass, mullet, butt, haddock
  • April: Haddock, turbot, butt, sea bass, mullet
  • May: Red mullet, tabby, sea bass, scorpion, turbot, haddock
  • June: Sardine, grouper, trance, sea bass, red mullet, tabby
  • July: Sardine, horse mackerel, mackerel, grouper, trance
  • August: Sardine, bonito, sea bream
  • September: Bonito, sardine, sea bream, blue fish, red mullet, swordfish
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