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Which car brand is from which country? All brands

Which car brand is from which country? All brands

One of the features we pay attention to when buying a car is which country the car we will buy belongs to. Now, car models tend to have quality according to the manufacturer countries or there is such a perception in buyers.

You will buy a car and if you are wondering which car brand belongs to which country, you can take a look at the table below. You can see German car models, Italian car models, American car models and many more car models from the table below. It is the table that is the result of a research made for those who wonder which car is produced in which country.

Which car brand is from which country?

Car BrandsCountry
Alfa RomeoMade in Italy
AudiMade in Germany
BmwMade in Germany
ChevroletMade in America
ChryslerMade in America
CheryChinese goods
CitroenMade in French
DaciaMade in French
DaewooMade in South Korea
DaihatsuMade in Japan
DFM (Dong Feng Motor)Chinese goods
DodgeMade in America
FerrariMade in Italy
FiatMade in Italy
FordMade in America
GMCMade in America
HondaMade in Japan
HummerMade in America
HyundaiMade in South Korea
InfinitiMade in Japan
JaguarMade in England
JeepMade in America
ThatMade in South Korea
LadaMade in Russia
LamborghiniMade in Italy
Land RoverEngland – America – India took it in 2008.
LexusMade in Japan
LotusMade in England
MaseratiMade in Italy
MazdaMade in Japan
Mercedes BenzMade in Germany
MiniEngland – Germany in 2001 bought BMW.
MitsubishiMade in Japan
NissanMade in Japan
OpelMade in Germany
PeugeotMade in French
PorscheMade in Germany
RenaultMade in French
SaabMade in Sweden
SeatSpain – Made in Germany
SkodaCzech Republic
SmartMade in Germany
SsangYongMade in South Korea
SubaruMade in Japan
SuzukiMade in Japan
SystemMade in India
ToyotaMade in Japan
VolkswagenMade in Germany
VolvoSweden – China

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