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When Will Covid-19 End?


Before answering the question of when the covid-19 pandemic will end, let’s look at the psychological effects of this epidemic on human life.

The negative effects on human and social life explain what kind of trouble humanity is facing. You can find the psychological effects of covid_19 in items below.

At the end of the article, you can learn the answer to the question of when the covid-19 pandemic will end, from the mouth of the experts.

  • Covid-19 has emerged as a global threat affecting the world. It has had sudden and unexpected effects on our individual and social lives.
  • It is very important to understand the psychological effects of this epidemic crisis affecting the world on people.
  • It is necessary to evaluate the psychological effects of the epidemic and the deaths related to the epidemic in terms of uncertainty in social relations and vital fragility.
  • Meaningful social relationships with others are essential for mental, emotional and physical heath.
  • With the covid-19 process, social relations started to be carried out remotely and many social lives had to be interrupted.
  • As a result of the physical isolation experienced many people have to share narrow physical spaces in a monotonous flow.
  • Social and sensory isolation has negative effects on individuals. Being deprived of meaningful social relationships or being able to benefit from them at a limited level can increase depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms and feelings of loneliness in individuals.
  • It is stated that long hours spent on the internet and social media due to the effect of a monotoous physical and social environment can cause damage to mental and emotional skills.
  • It is also stated that long periods spent together in limited physical spaces during the covid-19 process can increase interpersonal violence and behavioral disorders in terms of social relations.
  • One of the most challenging factors for individuals in isolation in this process is uncertainty.


  • making irrational decisions
  • exhibiting inappropriate
  • increase in anxiety
  • it can have negative psychological and behavioral consequences, such as obtaining and sharing information that is not accurate and accurate.
  • It is known that individuals, in particular, tend to re-share news containing intense emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety rather than positive news while conveying news on social media in this process.
  • Therefore, it is very important to keep the level of social anxiety at a certain level.
  • The covid-19 process has been a process in which individuals face the idea of vital fragility, that is, death.
  • According to horror management theory, knowledge of mortality causes people to develop certain reactions and attitudes.
  • Accordingly, people who face the knowledge of mortality become more attached to their own cultural values and traditional worldviews.
  • This commitment enables people to support their self-esteen and create the perception that they serve a more permanent, sacred purpose beyond bodily existence.

When will the covid-19 epidemic end? Does getting vaccinated reduce the effects of the pandemic? The answer to these questions is Dr.Let’s listen to Sarah Gilbert.

Director of the vaccinology institute at the University of Oxford and developing the AstraZeneca vaccine, Dr. Sarah Gilbert says: “We don’t need to be too afraid of new variants that may emerge.

We just have to get vaccinated. So why shouldn’t we be afraid? Let’s not be afraid, because the virus cannot mutate completely. And this virus has to attach to ACE2 receptors on the cell wall in order to enter our cells.

When Will Covid 19 End
When Will Covid 19 End

Therefore, our current vaccines, which are currently administered and which have developed immunity against the Spike protein of the virus, will continue to provide us with serious protection.
Let us know that if this virus changes so tremendously that it cannot interact with the spike protein ACE2 receptor, it will be impossible for such a new variant to enter the cell.

Covid 19
Covid 19

For this reason, the probability of the virus escaping from the immunity developed by the vaccines and turning into a new more contagious virus/variant is very low. On the other hand,
we know that as viruses spread in society, they tend to be less lethal over time. Many experts think that over time, covid-19 will turn into a seasonal disease that causes the common cold.

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