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What is Tsunami? How is a Tsunami formed?


What is Tsunami? What does it mean as a word? What language did it come from?

When we look at where the tsunami came from as a word, we see that it comes from Japanese. It means harbor and wave in Japanese. Tsu means harbor , while nami means wave .

What is tsunami? Short Answer

Tsunami: a series of waves caused by an earthquake, underwater volcanic eruption, landslide or other abrupt disturbance.

It is formed by the emergence of giant waves caused by volcanic eruptions or earthquakes under the sea. The speed of the waves that make up the tsunami depends on the depth of the ocean where they occur and their distance from the source that caused the wave. The closer it is to the source, the greater the speed and strength of the waves.

In 2018, a tsunami disaster occurred in Indonesia and caused great damage.

What Causes a Tsunami?

  • The reasons for the tsunami can be different, a few of which are:
  • Earthquakes in the ocean,
  • Volcanic movements in the ocean,
  • Landslides and soil subsidence in the ocean can cause tsunamis.

Tsunami formation video animation

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