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What is the Blue Whale Challenge? Does Blue Whale Drive Children To Death?


The Blue Whale first appeared in Russia. It is thought that this game will take the players to death step by step. In the Blue Whale game, which is known to spread rapidly around the world and affect children, commands are given within a period of 50 days. Commands that initially seem harmless, such as “waking up in the middle of the night” or “watching a horror movie”, become increasingly violent and psychologically oppressive. Slight amputation of arms and legs, not seeing anyone for a certain period of time, listening to loud music, etc. Suicide orders are given after the requests, such as climbing a tall building.

1 So how does the Blue Whale affect the game? How does the blue whale cause the death of children?

Blue Whale, also known as “Blue Whale Challenge”, is an internet game allegedly played in many countries. Allegedly, the game consists of 50 episodes and in the last section, the player is asked to commit suicide. The game first began to spread in 2013 on the social network VKontakte through a group called the “group of death”. The first suicide due to the game took place in 2015. It is known that Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student expelled from the university, wrote the play. Budeikin, who was arrested for “promoting at least 16 children to commit suicide” due to the game, stated in his statement that he made the game to “cleanse the society of biological wastes”. It is stated that about 150 children committed suicide because of the Blue Whale game.

2 What are the responsibilities of families?

While trying to socialize, children want to belong to a group. He puts the identity of the group before his own. What he cannot do with his own identity, he can do with the identity of the group. Therefore, the target audience of such games is children. Parents should listen and respect their children. Good communication with children is very important. Children look outside for the love they can’t find at home. Make your children feel valued and befriend them so they can tell you everything.

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