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What Animal Can I Feed at Home?


Humanity has been living under the same sky with animals for millions of years. While many animals have gone extinct throughout history, humans have had a great impact on this as much as natural disasters. Animals that could benefit from meat, milk and muscle power were somehow domesticated and their descendants could continue. The fertility rates of animals also have an effect on this. If we take the example of a cat and a dog, they both have no meat or milk, but they have close relationship with their human friends, and this relationship dates back to ancient times.Perhaps the first thing to know and be told to our children is that animals are our friends and the earth is their as much as it is ours.
Today, cities have become crowded, technology has developed, but people have become lonely. Pets give people peace and help to relieve loneliness. They fill a viod in a person.

Those who want to have pets at home mostly feed cats, dogs and birds, depending on the suitability of home conditions. Besides, there are many people who keep fish, turtles and hamsters. What animal should I keep at home? Those who are wondering, you can find the answer in our article. Which animals are kept at home? Which animals are not pet?

Feed birds at home

Feed Birds
Feed Birds

Those who want to keep birds at home should believe that they can take this responsibility. The cage, which means the bird’s food, water and suitable living space, should be prepared. The most commonly fed bird species at home is the budgerigar, followed by the parrot. Cage of birds kept in cages at home should be cleaned regularly. Also, in order for the bird to use its wings, it must be removed from the cage from time to time. Birds usually feed on seeds. Seeds have high oil content, birds like the sound of eating seeds. Packaged seeds are low in vitamins. Some feed mixes can also be given to birds, but their favorites are usually sunflower seeds and oats.

Green vegetables are also included in the birds menu. You should change the feed and water of the birds daily. Well taken care of, the bird will be happy and will be a good friend to you. The chirping of birds will surround the house and will be good for your psychology and will be good for your psychology and will prevent you from being lonely.

Feed A dog at home

Feed Dog
Feed Dog

Dogs are loyal friends of humans. Many people keep dogs at home or in their garden. Garden houses allow the dog to feel in its natural environment, as they have large areas. However, the number of people who have dogs in the apartment is not small. Owning a dog requires responsibility. If you adopt a dog on a whim, if you give up soon, the dog will be adversely affected. The psychology of the dog, whose habitat has changed and has to get used to its new owners, deteriorates. Dogs are sentient animals and experience abondonment travma.

Dogs want attention and time for themselves. The amount of energy that the dog will spend daily varies according to its breed and age. All dogs should be taken for a daily walk and should be able to meet their toilet needs in nature. To respect other people and nature, collect your dog’s feces in a abag and throw it in the trash. Dogs love to play and should be played daily. This will make the dog happy and peaceful. His happiness will reflect on you, you will be positive and full of energy. If your life and lifestyle isn’t suitable for owning a dog, don’t even attempt it. Finally, get help from a veterinarian for vaccinations and health.

Feed a cat at home

Feed a cat
Feed a cat

Cats are at the top of the list of those who want to have pets at home. Cats are easy to adapt to the house and learn their toilet needs easily. It is enough to put the cat litter you will buy in a suitable place at home, your cat will take care of the rest. Cats are playful and active animals. They can wear their paws on a sofa, sofa or even your clothes at home, you should be ready for this. However, you can buy”cat scratching boards” so that they can meet these needs. Cats feel loved and show love, just like dogs. Cats are independent animals, sometimes they don’t respond to your attention and do whatever they want. They must be loved and respected. Long story short, owning a cat and keeping a cat at home requires responsibility. Research and think thoroughly, if you are ready for this, you can adopt a cat.

Don’t forget to ask a veterinarian about vaccinations and health care. Finally: cats are shedding animals, you have to put up with it.

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