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Top 10 European Cities to Visit in Winter


We live our social life very limited due to covid-19. Many of us have forgotten the name of the holiday. Most of the time is spent at home. Interest in winter tourism is expected in these days when the effect of the disease has decreased. We have found 10 beautiful European cities for those who want to visit Europe in winter. Where can I vacation in winter? For those who are curious about the places to visit in Europe in winter, this article may be of use to you. With the snowfall, the surroundings turn white and the romance of the city rises.
Let’s take a look at the sights of Europe in winter…

Where should i go in Europe in the winter?

1 Pistoia – Italy

Pistoia – Italy

Established at the foot of the Apennine Mountains in Tuscany, the city is a beautiful place for winter travel.

2 Berlin – Germany

Berlin – Germany

Berlin, then capital of Germany,is also its largest city. The streets of Berlin, which smell of history, are worth seeing in winter.

3 Hallstatt – Austria

Hallstatt – Austria

The most appropriate expression for the world’s most photographed Hallstatt is the winter tale. Must go,visit and see. (What is the warmest city in Europe in winter?)

4 Praque – Czech Republic

Praque – Czech Republic

The average temperature in winter is 2-3 degrees, in Praque. The streets of Praque, full of history and art, are worth seeing for those who love winter travel.

5 Tallinn – Estonia

Tallinn – Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estoni, a Baltic country.The average temperature during the winter is -15 but the snow scene in Tallinn is legendary.

6 Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen – Denmark

Cophenhagen is one of the happiest cities in the world. It can also be called a design wonder city. Hosting many beauties worth seeing, Cophenhagen is cold in winter but just as beautiful.

7 Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg – Austria

Mozart’s city Salzburg is a European city worth visiting in winter. The streets of Salzburg, which have a wonderful view when under the snow, keep the spirit of music alive as well as history and art.

8 Edinburg – Scotland

Edinburg – Scotland

Edinburg is a small and beautiful city. Edinburg, the capital of Scotland, is divided into Old Town and New Town. In Edinburg, which has many places to visit, you can take lots of photos in winter.

9 Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm – Sweden

Cold but so beautiful, Stockholm winter months. You can go ice skating on frozen lakes and come across the northern lights. Stockholm under the snow is worth seeing. (What is the best city to visit in winter?)

10 Budapest – Hungary

Budapest – Hungary

The winter baths of Budapest, the city that becomes beautiful under the snow, are natural and very beautiful. It has many place to visit.

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