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The World’s Largest Gold Mines By Country


The top 3 countries with the most gold reserves according to the annual gold mined (tones); USA, Germany and Italy.

The world’s most precious metal, gold, still maintains its importance and value for hundreds of years. People and states around the world are increasing the interest in gold in terms of investment. In this article, you will be able to find answers to the questions ” Where are the world’s largest gold mines”, ” how much gold reserves of which country”? According to the statements of the world gold council, which country has the most gold?

The largest gold mines, respectively, by the amount of gold mined annually (tons)

The World’s Largest Gold Mines By Country

1- 115.8 USA-Nevada Gold Mine

2- 66.0 Tajikistan-Muruntau

3- 43.2 Russia-Olympiada

4- 30.6 Dominican Republic-Pueblo Viejo

5- 27.4 Papua New Guinea-Lihir

6- 27.1 Australia-Cadia Valley

7- 26.8 Indonesia-Grasberg

8- 25.3 Congo-Kibali

9- 22.2 Mali-Loulo-Gounkoto

10- 21.9 Australia-Boddington

Countries with the most gold reserves(tons)

Largest Gold Mines By Country
Largest Gold Mines By Country

1- USA 8.133.5

2- Germany 3.363.6

3- Italy 2.451.8

4- France 2.436

5- Russia 2.299.2

6- Chinese 1.948.3

7- Switzerland 1.040

8- Japan 765.2

9- India 664

10- Holland 612.5

11- Turkey 603

12- Taiwan 423

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