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The World’s Fastest Horses! They’re Almost Flying!


We answer the question of which are the fastest horses in the world. Horses are noble and sensitive animals. One of the emotions you will feel when you look into the eyes of a horse is that it is a spirit animal. There are many different breeds of horses. As you know, horses are very strong and fast animals. In this article, we describe the fastest horses in the world. Which horses are faster than each other, almost competing with cars? Here are the fastest horses in the world.

1 Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse
arabian horse

Arabian horses are known for their beauty and speed. It is a world famous horse breed. Arabian horses are one of the oldest horse breeds, and archaeological evidence confirms this. Arabian horses became known and widespread all over the world due to war and trade in the past. The Arabian Horse, which has a strong bone structure, is also a fast and intelligent horse breed. It is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to durability. Arabian horses are known for their later appearances in races. In long distance races, Arabian horses accelerate towards the end of the race and leave their competitors behind.

2 Thoroughbred Horse (English Horse)

Thoroughbred Horse (English Horse)
English Horse

It is one of the most famous of the race horses and is known worldwide. It is an emotional horse breed, sometimes it can show angry attitudes. Thoroughbred horses are tall and athletic. In terms of running performance, it is a horse breed that can run well at medium distances. The English Horse, which has a fighting character, is very competitive in races. We can say that this horse breed, which is thin and elegant at the same time, is one of the best horses in the world.

3 Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse

The American quarter horse achieves high speed in sprints. The Quarter Horse, a world-renowned horse breed, beats other horses a quarter mile in the race. That’s why it’s called Quarter Horse. Quarter Horse, which is very popular in America, shows itself in races with its high speed. Additionally, the quarter horse also appears at shows and rodeos. Some horses of this breed have achieved speeds of 55 miles per hour and above within the quarter mile.

4 Pinto


American spotted horses are both fast and strong. The Spotted Horse is recognized as the most expensive horse in the world. Its beauty is also dazzling.

5 Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa Horse
Appaloosa Horse

The Appaloosa Horse is a beautiful looking horse breed with colorful mottled fur. It is a horse breed that should be added to the list of fastest horses. It was used as a war horse in history. It is a strong and durable horse breed.

6 Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse
Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian Horse, which is a pure Spanish Horse, is a very intelligent horse breed. It has a solid structure. It has a wonderful appearance with beautiful manes and tails. It is a fast and hardy horse breed. It is a durable horse breed used in hurdles races.

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