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The logic errors of Netflix’s popular series Squid Game


There are many logic errors in the Squid game series, which has become one of the popular productions on the netflix platform in a short time.

Here are some of them.

How does the police infiltrate an organization that has such strict security measures? First with vehicle tracking.
The vehicle goes to the ship in a deserted place, but for some reason, the vehicle behind is not noticed on the way to that ship at night.

Let’s say Ok to that. The series ended for me in the scene where the police entered the ship. Then I forced myself to finish the series.

squid game
squid game

The man goes under the car, nobody sees the man, gets out from under the car and gets inside, nobody sees. After getting inside the car, it quarrels with the driver and neutralizes the driver, nobody sees or hears. He takes a body out of the vehicle and throws it into the sea, no one sees it. He infiltrates the organization, it is not clear what to do , his job is not clear. Despite this, he can continue his business inside without any problems.His phone never runs out of charge, he takes pictures and records videos for days. When the contestans, whose faces are known, return again,barcode checks are made, but no checks are made for the employes. The contestant can sneak in, but the employees cannot. So that’s why they’re comfortable.

How does the organ-smuggling crew do it? In the ddakji game in player selection, those who choose red are law enforcement officers.

But they live under surveillance just like actors. When did they organize, when did they find a way, when did they agree with the doctor? Let’s say they ran into someone they knew there, what kind of system did they set up? How did they arrange their escape routes and how did they contact the people to sell the organs? There are all guestions waiting to be answered. Because when the manager pressed it, we realized
that the manager does not know about such a process. That is a hidden mechanism. Let’s go through all this. So the manager doesn’t say, how did i not see you? Camera everwhere, when everything is under control, such a security vulnerability is not cared?

Stabbed in the hip, spleen, and middle of his hand in his last game, Gihun doesn’t even stumble,
but sang-woo is bitten in the leg so he can’t stand up. Our bad woman sister is throwing herself from the Sirat Bridge with our bad man brother.

By the way, our sister who did this is someone who did this is someone who would do anything to not die there. It wasn’t a bit of suicide. The man in the leading role lives for a year hungry and miserable with billions of liras depozited in his account. The man does not touch the money because of his pride, and the finance never calls and asks, what is this money? Who wins 9-digit money and it boils down in one go?

squid game logic errors
squid game logic errors

Front man, the policeman’s brother is dating, we know that the policeman’s brother was the winner of the 2015 Squid Game. Why does this man who earns a lot of money live in a 2 square meter room in civilian? If he gets up and is the manager oh the competition, can’t he lie to his brother for a week and get himself safe?

Okay, we get it, what you’ve been through has tired you a lot. Your friend’s mother was mobile, the other girl’s brother lived in the dormitory, your own daughter did not see you. To regain your faith in life and humanity, did you have to witness a man save a drunken man? No, and, you’re say “I’m going to kill you” or something. What did you go through in that head of yours.

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