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The 7 Hottest Places on Earth


When it comes to hot weather, summer comes to mind. When the hottest weather is mentioned, desert heat and Africa are considered. But among the hottest places in the world, there are also countries such as the USA and Israel. Of course, among the hottest regions of the world, the main weight is in the Sahara region of Africa. What are the hottest places in the world? You can find the answer to this question in this article.

1 Dallol-Ethiopia

Dallol Ethiopia

When you think of hell on earth, the place that should come to your mind is Dallol, Ethiopia. Dallol, a town in the Afar region, is scorched with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius in summer. Dallol Volcano, the hottest inhabited place in the world, was formed from lakes formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. The temperature of the crater in summer often exceeds 50 degrees. According to the legend, the people of the region lived in abudance and debauchery.

However, over time, their eyes could not see anything but money and they ceased to obey God.That’s why God punished them and turned their gold into salt. The lake has taken on a golden yellow color. It is believed that if the people turn from the wrong and obey and thank God, God will return their gold.

2 Tirat-Zvi-Israel

Tirat Zvi Israel

Tirat Zvi, located in the Beit She’an Valley in Israel, is among the hottest places in the world. In the measurement made in June 1942, a temperture of about 54 degrees was detected. The population of the people living in the kibbutz, which is a social settlement unique to Israel, is about 1000 people.The people who live here have learned ways to cope with the deadly heat.They act by calculating the sun angles in the most of the shade. The measurement made in 1942 was recorded as the highest temperature in Asia until that day.

3 Timbuktu- Mali

Timbuktu- Mali
Timbuktu Mali

Timbuktu is a place that is both wonderful and very warm. It has been nominated for the Seven Wonders of the World in the past. Timbuktu, located at the intersection of the old Saharan trade routes, has an important place in the spread of the religion of Islam to Africa. Timbuktu is a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The settlement of people dates back to the 5th century BC. Located in the Sahara desert, Timbuktu is the capital of the Mali Empire, ruled by Mansa I.who is considered the richest man the world has ever lived. Despite the waters of the Niger River, which is about 25 km away, the temperature in summer is around 55 degrees.

4 Kebili-Tunisia

Kebili Tunisia

Tunisia is a country known for its desert heat and desert safaris. Kebili is a very warm city in Tunisia. With temperatures exceeding 55 degrees celcius, it is among the highest temperatures seen in Africa. Palm trees provide shade in Kebili, which is warm but worth seeing for its natural beauty. There are water sources where you can jump into the water and cool of.

5 Valley of Death-USA

Valley of Death-USA
Valley of Death USA

The average temperature in Death Valley, California, USA is about 50 degrees. We wouldn’t be wrong to say this is the hell of North America. Its natural beauty is worth seeing, but it has a very hot and dry weather.

6 Burning Mountains-China

Burning Mountains-China
Burning Mountains China

Located in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, the Burning Mountains is a very hot region. An extension of the Tian Shan Mountain Range, the Burning Mountains took the form of flames as a result of the erosion of red sandstone. As a result of different tectonic events, the structure of the mountains has changed, and when viewed from Afar, it arouses the feeling that there is a fire in the mountain with the effect of sunlight. The highest temperature in summer reaches 48 degrees. In 2008, NASA satellite MODIS measured the temperature here as 66.8 degrees celcius.

7 Ghadames-Libya

Ghadames Libya

The average temperature in Ghadames, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is 55 degrees. Ghadames, also known as the”Pearl of the Desert”, looks like a honeycomb from a bird’s eye view and its history dates back to ancient times. The city, located in the middle of the oasis, is surrounded by historical walls.

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