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When Will Covid-19 End?

Before answering the question of when the covid-19 pandemic will end, let's look at the psychological effects of this epidemic on human life. The negative effects on human and social life explain what kind of trouble humanity is facing.

What is Christmas? When Does Christmas Celebrate?

The last days of December are a different significane for Christian socities. What's Christmas that people are decorating the trees and houses, giving each other gifts? When is Christmas celebrated? What does Christmas mean for Christians?

Vikings Discovered America!

According to a recent study, the Vikings were the first people to set foot in America, and they did so 471 years before Christopher Columbus. By examining tree rings with new dating techniques, scientists have found findings proving that

NBA’s 75 Best Players

A legend that has been going on for nearly 70 years, an NBA legend. Canadian Dr. James Naismith, who invented basketball, was teaching physical education at a school in Massachusetts, USA. His goal was to develop a game for athletes and

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