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List of 13 computer brands and manufacturers


It is very difficult to imagine a world without computers in the modern age. These devices, which raise children and handle all our important work, have now become indispensable for our lives. But have you ever thought about which companies are behind these products we use every day?

Here are computer brands and manufacturers. Desktop and laptop brands and countries of manufacture.

Computer brands and manufacturers

Asus Computer

1 Asus

The Taiwan-based company also manufactures in China. Asus is a company that produces monitor notebooks and netbooks. It also produces hardware.


2 HP

The company, which has recently attracted attention with its servers and laptop computers, is of American origin. However, in time, it spread to other countries and became a very lofty company.

Samsung Computer

3 Samsung

The company known for its laptops was established in Korea.

DELL Computer

4 Dell

The company that produces desktop and laptop computers was established in America. The company is currently investing in server and network products.

Sony Computer

5 Sony

Sony has chosen to focus solely on notebooks in the computer industry. The company originates from Japan.

Acer Computer

6 Acer

Founded in Taiwan, the company now serves internationally. The company is mostly known for its laptop products.

Toshiba Computer

7 Toshiba

The company, which has recently made investments in three-dimensional notebook computers, is of Japanese origin.

Lenovo Computer

8 Lenovo

IBM, which prepared the world’s first PC, today serves companies under this name. The Chinese company Lenova bought the home user division of IBM and started to provide services in this regard. American IBM, on the other hand, has focused on private server and solution services for companies.

Microsoft Computer

9 Microsoft

Microsoft is an American corporation. It was founded in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

Exper Computer

10 Exper

Exper, a Turkish company, is known for its desktop and laptop products.

Apple Leptop

11 Apple

The company, codenamed Mac, producing laptop and desktop products, is also known for the tablet computer called iPad, which it has recently launched on the market. Apple is an American based international company.

LG Computer

12 LG

The company, known for its monitors and laptops, is of South Korea origin.

MSI Computer

13 MSI

The company known for its laptops is a Taiwan-based international company.

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