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How to Make Money on Youtube?


Youtube, a functional and popular social media network for watching videos and interacting with other people, offers some opportunities for its members to earn money.

Youtube gives creators from all over the world a chance to share their ideas and creations with people. First you should open a youtube channel. The channel you’re going to open can be about anything. For example, you can promote books, cook, sing or share your lifestyle.

The options are unlimited. Your youtube account is the same as your google account and you can use it that way if you want or open a new account. Your channel name should be catchy.

Do not make the videos you will prepare too long and do not bore the audience. Take your content to the next level, get a better camera and use a better editing program.

It is very important that you share videos regularly. If you make quality videos and share at least 1 video a week, your followers will not forget your channel. Don’t forget to add tags and keywords in your videos.

1 My Channel Tab

My Channel Tab
adsense youtube

Now you can monetize videos. First go to my channel tab.

2 Video Manager

Video Manager
youtube make money

Click on video manager

3 Monetization Enable

Monetization Enable
youtube adsense money

Become a partner through monetization by displaying ads on your videos. Enable.

Then youtube will place ads on your videos. You need to have a fixed audience to make money. Be assertive and share lots of creative videos. You must have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to start making money. You have to install google adsense to get your money. If you are under 18, you can ask your parents for help.

Adsense needs a paypal account or a valid address to send money. Follow the analysis carefully, correctly identify the interests of your audience. Pay attention to the numbers and graphs in the analyzes.

4 How Can I Increase My Youtube Earnings

Let’s say you reach a fixed audience and make good money. You can become a youtube partner to increase your earnings a little more. Those who are wondering how i can increase my youtube earnings should pay attention here. Your channel must reach a total of 15000 hours of watch time in the last 90 days.You get some benefits when you become a youtube partner.

Youtube partners get access to more creator tools, community support and tips, and even win prizes. You can also sell your own products when your channel starts to stand out. This way, your earnings can increase significantly. So your subscriber count will increase and your recognition level will increase. To sum it up, the most important thing you need is to work hard, be creative, and keep believing in yourself without giving up.

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