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How Does Burnout Syndrome Occur?


Burnout syndrome,which is one of the factors that negatively affect working life,is a phenomenon that has negative effects both individually and organizationally. This syndrome, which is common today, is”failure,wear,loss of energy and power, and the inner destruction it creates. Burnout syndrome is divided into three as emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. These 3 definitions refer to the changes in a person’s life.

Due to a number of problems arising from today’s active, stressful and busy work environments, it is possible to see the problem of burnout syndrome at an early age in most of the active working population.

What is Burnout Syndrome?

Let’s answer the question.Burnout syndrome can be defined as the exhaustion of the working person over a wide period of time, the decrease in his interest in the events and developments around him, and the decrease in his work and production performance and capacity as a result.

Burnout syndrome is a current problem faced by people working in many business areas at certain periods of their careers in today’s busy and stressful work environments. This is a problem that can be seen mostly in professionals who directly serve people. Iy is possible to encounter this problem especially in health workers, teachers, physiotherapists, psychologists, socialogists, social workers, administrators and bankers. Personal characteristics and work-related characteristics are among the factors that pave the way for burnout syndrome.

Burnout syndrome can bee seen more frequently in people who try to do everything perfectly, who cannot show flexibility, who are obsessive and care too much about details. According to the scientist Christina Maslach, who developed the burnout scale for the first time, the definition of burnout syndrome is as follows, “A syndrome caused by the reflection of physical exhaustion, long-term fatigue, helplesness and hopelessness in people who are exposed to intense emotional demands due to their job and who have to constantly work face to face with other people, with negative attitudes towards work, life and other people”

In addition to this, those who work in an intense work tempo and who live only for their job or for others without allocating much time to themselves can become weary, bored, and helpless after a while.
The term burnout is a scientific determination put forward by the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in the 1970s.Freudenberger defined this term with the consequences of severe stress such as”lack of energy, failure,weariness”.

For example, doctors, social workers, psychologists,physiotherapists,teachers and nurses who sacrifice themselves for others can often become “exhausted” exhausted”,tired and the problem can become insurmountable over time.

Burnout syndrome may not be easily understood in general or it may become complicated with factors such as depression, anxiety and stress. Therefore burnout syndrome can often develop interwined with depression and often confused. Burnout from another point of view;it can be called as the person’s introversion, loss of interest in the environment and intense loss of self-confidence.

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