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How Do Electric Cars Work?


Can a technology that pushes the boundaries have a nature-friendly sensitivity besides touching human life? The automotive world gives the answer to this question for drivers who dream of perfection, silence, power and comfort together. In fact, electric cars, which date back to the 1800s and reached perfection in the 2000s, prepare drivers for a brand new travel experience as a product of this pursuit. With its driving comfort, aesthetics, ease of use and zero carbon footprint, electric cars are approaching the future every kilometer. Over time, other types of motors will be replaced by electric motors.What about roads with electric cars and what will our lives be like?

How do electric cars work?

Unlike internal combustion engines, electric cars have batteries and battery packs instead of a fuel tank. The power required for the electric motor working with 60 volts of energy is provided by this battery. The battery, which can be charged from any electrical source, also stores the energy needed by the engine during braking. Thus, power is obtained not by the combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel, but by feeding the engine with the electrical energy stored in the batteries. Eco-friendly electric cars do not have an exhaust. Thanks to electric cars, noise pollution will decrease, high carbon emissions and the concept of tachometer will change.

How do electric cars charge?

You can charge your car from any outlet. In the charging method using an alternating current source, you can charge your car with a household socket. Although it is slower than other types of charging, with this method, you can charge it at night with a quality battery and get it fully saturated in the morning.

This time is shorter at charging stations outside the house. In these stations where mixed current and direct current systems are used, you can choose the DC charging current unit for fast charging. Today, battery sets are constantly being developed with R&D studies that will increase their usage time. Wireless charging systems await drivers in the future.

What is the range of electric cars?

Those who think that electric cars have a short range, new generation batteries may surprise you. Thanks to the developed software and battery packs, you can travel up to 500 kilometers with an electric car today. Of course, this mileage value varies according to your vehicle’s battery capacity, weather conditions and your driving habits. For example, the range of your electric car will be shortened during high-speed journeys where the vehicle’s heating and cooling systems are used, at very high or very low temperatures.

What are the advantages of electric cars?

electric car
electric car

If you are ready to meet a true environmentalist, new generation electric cars are ready to carry you to the future with their performance and low-budget use both in and outside the city. These cars, which run fast and silently, are completely environmentally friendly in terms of gas emissions. With electric cars, which means renewable energy, you can travel the same distance with 5-7 times less cost than vehicles using fossil fuels. The engine, which is much more durable than internal combustion engines, consists of only one moving part.

Thus, electric cars also save the driver the time and budget allocated for operations such as maintenance and oil change. Providing a high level of driving pleasure without harming the nature, electric cars make a great contribution to the protection of renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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