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Jupiter: Facts, Moons, Properties, Size

Jupiter is known as the brightest planet in the night sky after the moon and Venus. It stands out as the largest and most magnificent planet in the solar system. So what is Jupiter, what kind of planet is it, what are the properties and

Which planet has the shortest day?

A day in our world lasts 24 hours. How many hours does a day last on planets? Which planet has the shortest day? Which planet has the shortest day? Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. While a Jupiter day

The 7 Hottest Places on Earth

When it comes to hot weather, summer comes to mind. When the hottest weather is mentioned, desert heat and Africa are considered. But among the hottest places in the world, there are also countries such as the USA and Israel. Of course,

Largest Countries in the World by Area

It is a fact that geopolitical boundaries will shift dramatically as centuries leave behind. Who knows which country will have the biggest borders in the coming years? We have compiled the countries with the world's largest surface area .

What is Tsunami? How is a Tsunami formed?

What is Tsunami? What does it mean as a word? What language did it come from? When we look at where the tsunami came from as a word, we see that it comes from Japanese. It means harbor and wave in Japanese. Tsu means harbor , while nami

Which languages are spoken in Belgium?

Languages spoken in Belgium are divided into three according to the Dutch, French and German-speaking regions. Apart from these languages, there are few other languages used by the minority. Dutch, French and German are the official

Top 10 World’s most populous countries

According to the statement made by the German Foundation for World Population last month, the current world population is around 7 billion 800 million. This is a record level. In the statement made by the foundation, it was stated that the

List of American countries with maps

Which countries are in the American continent? List of countries in America. In this article, you can read the countries in America and the countries of North America, South America and South America. You can also view maps of North

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