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Earpiece that can translate over 50 languages

Earpiece that can translate over 50 languages

Technology companies are on the move to solve the language problem. A headphones developed by Google that can translate over 50 language. The headphones have been introduced recently eliminated the problem of learning language with a momentary audio translation. Pixel Buds, supporting more than 50 languages, was sold in technology groceries in US and European countries.

Pixel Buds, a wireless headset. The box of headphones is given in a fancy box, it protects and charges the headphones. After removing the headphones from the trasport box, they’re matching smartphones. For this, you need to press the button on the earphones for a while and than you can make the connection from the bluetooth menu on the smartphone. Once the connection is made, the translation property is used. The instant translation property is currently being used only on smartphones with Android operating systems. Another saying is pixel buds connected with Iphone models, but translation properties are not used.

The “Google translation” app is downloaded to Android operating systems from Google play. After the app opens, the magic of Pixel Buds begins, touching the touch of the headphones, activated translation properties, and the microphone comes in, and the opposite’s saying is resting. The translation of what they say after the sentence is passed to users with headphones, for example: the person who wears the headphones, speaks French. The person who speaks French is touching the headphones and activating the translation feature before they start talking. After the conversation is listened to the smartphone, this conversation is simulated to the headphones. Translations are a remarkable feature of Pixel Buds, which is very quickly translated in headphones.

“The assistant in your ear translates over 50 languages”

According to shared information, Google Pixel Buds is currently supporting over 50 languages. The language packages need to be downloaded for the Google translation app for supported languages. The size of language packages is about 30 megabytes. Are thetranslations of Pixel Buds available for daily life? In general, the translation quality is high in simple sentences, but the sentence is complex and long translation quality is low. The translation quality is rising from day to day, and the headphones make it easier for users who don’t speak foreign languages.

The translation isn’t the only thing we noticed about the Pixel Buds. The earpiece can be connected to all the devices connected tro Bluetooth and the swound quality is quite succesful. It can play non-stop music about 5 hours with one recharge.And also Pixel Buds’ carrying holster is charging the headphones. That’s how the headset can work about 24 hours.Pixel Buds have a touch feature on the right earbud users can also perform commands such as Google Assistant Answer calls and stop music by touching the earbud. You can buy Pixel Buds from technology markets in European countries and the USA , as well as from the Google’s own website.

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