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Astronaut Looking At Earth From Space: “Saddening”


French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, aboard the International Space Station (ISS), drew attention to climate change from space. He described the world’s climate change as “saddening”

Europen Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet had a video call with French President Emanuel Macron. During the meeting;He emphasized that the destruction caused by humans to nature can be seen even from a distance of 400 km.

According to the news in DW Turkish, Pesquet said taht they could clearly observe the “fragility” of the world from the space station, and the destruction caused by humans to nature, and the pollution it caused in the air and rivers, and said to Macron, “unfortunately, this is the case, Mr.President”.
Stating that they witnessed the fires in large areas such as Greece, the southf of France and Canada, and the large smoke clouds caused by the fires as in California, Thomas Pesquet said, “we saw the flames with the naked eye from here”.


During the interview, Macron asked the French astronaut if his observations were different from his first mission in 2016. Answering the question with the words”yes, different”, astronaut Pesquet noted that the change in climate has accelerated at an ” alarming” level, which shocked him.

Emphasizing that every year the number of fires, severe storms and floods increases and records are broken, Pesquet said, “And this has increased visibly, I observe this very clearly compared to the first mission I participated in 4-5 years ago”.

After being silent for a while, Macron referred to the World Climate Summit held in Glasgow;”We must further increase the speed of commitments and their implementation. That is the aim of COP26″ he said.

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