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8 Ways: How to Heat Your Room in Winter?

8 Ways: How to Heat Your Room in Winter?

Winter has come. How can i meat my room? One of the one hand, we are making efforts to protect ourselves from covid-19 and seasonal flu diseases on the other. The presence of many sick people around us is due to the change of seasons. The weather is getting colder and people are having a hard time adjusting to the transition. Social life is restricted in winter and most of the time is spent in houses and rooms. As the winter season comes, the heating problem begins. Electricity bills burn pockets and people think, “How can i heat my room in winter? and look for a solution. How do you heat your room in winter? Here are 8 ways to warm your room.

How to heat your room in winter?

1- Heating the room starts from the windows, because the air entering and leaving the room is through the window. Insulate your windows, otherwisw, the cold air will come in and the heat will go out. When the air inside gets cold, you will have to use any heater to reheat it. Thus, your electricity bill will increase, and the change of hot-cold weather will adversely affect your health. It is not very difficult to insulate the window. The adhesive rubber airtighness you will stick to the window frame will solve the problem. If you can’t do this, you can ask a master for help.

2- Another application as important as window insulation is curtain insulation. The insulated curtain will allow sunlight to enter your room while preventing the cold from entering.

3- The most natural and inexpensive room heating takes place with sunlight. Clean windows allow the sun’s rays to enter the room. If the curtains and blinds are opened during the day and lots of sunlight is let in, the room temperature will be balanced against the cold even after the sun has set.

4- One of the most important ways to keep a room warm is to keep the floor warm. Carpets, rugs, etc. With an item, the floors of the room will be warmed and you will be able to feel the heat when you step on your feet. In the old fashioned expression, warming up starts from the feet. The carpet, in a sense, insulates the room and maintains the overall warmth. If you prefer warm colors in carpet selection, it will have a psychological effect and will make you feel good.(yellow, orange, red)

5- People who are accustomed to using on electric stove can hardly give up on it. Altough it raises the bill, one problem is that; when you step out of the room where the heater is located, other rooms feel colder. However, using an electric stove is also a method of warming, of course. Do not leave fabrics such as towels and clothes on the electric stove to dry, there should be at least 1 meter in between. For example, if your electric stove is 3 degrees, run it at first degree and let it work for at least 1 hour, if you feel the need to increase the heat, increase it to 2 degrees, if this is not enough, increase it to 3 degrees. After operating at maximum temperature for a certain time(about half an hour), reduce the temperature to a lower level of 2. If your stove has a thermostat, it will automatically turn off when the room reaches the appropriate temperature. After operating such stoves for about 2 hours, unplug it and let it rest for 10 minutes. Be careful not to get direct heat to the cable of your electric stove.

6- Moving the bed away from windows can also help you get a warm sleep. Of course, in order to do this, you must have space in your room.

7- We talked about windows, curtains and keeping the floor warm, we made suggestions for a warm room. One of the most important ways to heat or keep a room warm is the condition of the doors. The gap under the door of the room causes air to come in and the room gets cold. In order to prevent this, measures such as door snake, nylon door broom can be taken according to the suitability of the door.

8- At room temperature, radiator cleanliness is also important. Do not place large pieces of furniture in front of the radiator that will prevent the heat of your radiator from spreading tothe room. These items absorb heat and prevent the even distribution of heat throughout the room. It is good to drink tea, read a book, or feel the heat by putting the feet on the honeycombs on the sofa located right next to the radiator, but the furniture will absorb the heat.

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  1. Thank you for sharing important information to keep us all warm as best as we can. Happy Holidays.