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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Brain Work Better


If you are thinking about how the brain works better and looking for an answer to the guestion of how to increase the working
for capacity of the brain, take a look at the suggestions below.
The science of psychology gives us important ideas about the behavior of other people. Correct methods should be used to define
these behaviors correctly. In this way, we can make correct inferences from human behavior in order to get to know ourselves and the other person.
Now we will share a few methods to increase brain functions.

1 Think too much

Think too much
Make Your Brain Work Better 1

If you think too much about something, we can understand that you attach great importance to it. We know that thinking too much about a subject

can cause an obsession in your mind. Especially the issues that you cannot find a solution in your mind can turn into an obsession. The subject
you are obsessed with causes gaps in your mind and causes you to be easily manipulated.
Don’t care too much about what other people think of you. The person who has achieved inner peace is always one step ahead.

2 What the mind focuses on

What the mind focuses on
Make Your Brain Work Better 2

What you are aware of gets a chance to enter your mind. What you are unaware of and do not focus on usually does not affect your mind.

When you control what you focus on, you will be in control of your psychological state.
For example, you have a coworker who is bothering at work, and if you focus on her annoying behavior the situation will get worse.
Because your discomfort will increase due to focus and your brain will carry that person to the top of the threat list. In this way,
the person you don’t like will occupy your mind for a longer time and affect you negatively.
As this person rises in threat in your mind, his every move will draw your brain’s attention. This causes your brain and nervous system
to get tired. If you consciously prevent this focus, the brain filters will work and this person will be able to occupy space in the mind
at the level of unimportant objects. In summary, what you focus on affects your psychology.

3 Primary focus of the human brain

Primary focus of the human brain
Make Your Brain Work Better 3

While sunbathing on a beautiful beach and watching the sea, your attention turns to the broken glass on the sand. There is an evolutionary explanation for this. We may find the answer in the living conditions of our ancestors who lived millions of years ago.
The behavior of our ancestors who lived in fear of a danger ( wild animals, etc.) from anywhere in primitive times, and inheriting
this to us. Since the perception of risk is high, our ancestors focused on the bottom of their noses. Like the animals living on the street
among people are always on the alert.
People may tend to confuse focus and conditioning. A job seeker can focus on spesific industries. If this situation has turned
into conditioning, it does not occur to him that he can find a job and work in another sector. Wrong focus has narrowed and conditioned one’s mind.

4 Creativity and mental clumsiness

Creativity and mental clumsiness

For example, you are trying to create new ideas on a subject or you want to live comfortably and earn money by establishing a new business.

But in order for your brain, which has long been accustomed to thinking the same way, to generate new ideas, you need to think differently.
Behaviour patterns don’t create personality, it’s just the ussual operating system type.
For example, you need to produce something new about information technology, ” If i were Bill Gates, how would i look at this subject?”
It is necessary to think and resuscitate.

5 Control mechanism and thoughts

Control mechanism and thoughts
Make Your Brain Work Better 4

Don’t think about things you can’t control. In this way, you can use the energy of your brain in more useful works. ” I wonder if the plane
will fall into the air gap?”. Fear is a meaningless fear. It becomes a fear that steals the energy of your mind. The pilot should think about
it and you can sit in your comfortable seat and sip your tea.
You have done the given homework, now you are thinking whether the teacher will like and accept my homework, you can’t change your
teacher’s perception. Prepare a good homework and face your teacher. The best thing you can do is to fulfill your own responsibility properly.

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