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5 Countries That Will Survive When The World Ends


Scientists are researching the end of the world. According to the latest research, only 5 countries will survive when the world ends. Those countries are New Zeland, Iceland, England, Ireland and Australia. In addition, the state of Tasmania in Australia is one of the places to stand. While listing these countries,scientists expressed their reservations and said, “Other countries can also bring about change”.

Everyone is curious about end of the world scenarios. In the light of new research, new views on the end of the world have been put forward. If science fiction movies come true and the researches are right, we will be able to escape to some countries during the collapse of the world.

New Zealand is at the top of the list. New Zealand is among the countries where you cantake shelter due to its geothermal and hydroelectric power, abundant agricultural land and low population density.

The Danger of Global Collapse Has Raised

Scientists, who said that human civilization is in a “dangerous state” due to the environmental damage caused by the energy-based global economy, which is connected to each other in complex networks. Asevere financial crisis, the effect of global warming, the destruction of nature, a pandemic worse than the coronavirüs, or a combination of these could result in a global collapse, experts said.

Production development in countries that will survive the end of the world

To understand which countries could survive such a collapse, countries were ranked according to their ability to provide enough food for their populations, to protect their borders from unwanted immigration, to power grids and some production capabilities. Island in part areas and mostly with low population density took the first place.

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