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21 Things You Should Pack For Your Vacation

21 Things You Should Pack For Your Vacation

You have been working all year and you are tired and tired of the work tempo. You think you deserve a nice vacation. You will either set off to the place where you vacation every year, or to your newly determined holiday destination. From this moment on, a sweet rush begins.

What should be in your holiday bag? What should i take with me on vacation? Start thinking about the items you want to take with you one by one, or stop and try to do this by writing. Writing makes sure you don’t forget things.
Of course, depending on the type of holiday you will take, the items you take with you will vary. Different needs may be required for a sea vacation, a ski vacation in the winter, a vacation in nature by camping.

21 Things You Should Pack For Your Vacation

1-Where you choose for your vacation, take a first aid kit with you. We are not talkin about a very comprehensive preparation here, but there are painkillers, nausea pills, bandages for a possible bleeding injury, plasters, creams that you need to use, batikon etc.

2-We are in the age of technology and don’t forget the chargers among our indispensable phones, tablets and computers

3-Don’tforget to take money with you

4-Devices for listening to music(ipod, jukubox, headphone)

5-Camera and camera charger

6- Small handbag

7- Water bottle, mug cup

8- Pajamas and slippers

9- Face cream, hand cream

10- Hair clip, hair ties

11- Books and things you love to read

12- Foldable chair

13- Deodorant, perfume

14- Compass

15- Sunglasses, sunscreen

16- Socks

17- Insecticide, mosquito repellent

18- Choosing the right clothes and spare clothes(suitable for the season)

19- Towel

20- Toothbrush

21- Travel iron

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